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A Note on Trivalent Plating

For those unaware, the hydraulic fittings industry has been forced to stop using hexavalent (chromium 6) plating due to environmental and health concerns. In order to comply with government regulations, this process has been replaced with trivalent plating.

While the chromium 6 (hexavalent) plating has a gold finish, the new trivalent plating is silver in appearance. This may cause some confusion as it appears to be stainless steel or even carbon steel that missed the plating stage. However, the trivalent plating is just as resistant to corrosion as the chromium 6 plating.

All existing inventories of hexavalent plated fittings are being depleted on an ongoing basis. Until such time as they are eliminated from stock, you may still receive some hexavalent plated items.

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