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4100 Series, Wet Line Couplings

Wingnut-style Quick Disconnects

Designed for most industrial fluid applications, our 4100 Series Wet Line Coupling is ideal for oil well equipment, sand and salt spreaders, dump and demolition trailers, live bed trailers and other heavy duty applications. You'll commonly find these couplers used in wet kits for semi-trucks, trailers or dump beds. With a high These heavy duty couplers feature a large, easy to use wing-nut for installation and removal. Don't forget to add dust caps and plugs to prevent dirt and debris from entering your fluid power system.

Our 4100 Series Wet Line Quick Disconnects are designed to interchange with the following parts: Parker 6100 Series, Snap-Tite 78 Series, Faster FB Series, Dixon W Series, and Aeroquip 5100 Series.

Pressure and Flow Ratings for 4100 Series Wet Line Couplers
Body Size Recommended Maximum Pressure (PSI) Flow Rate (GPM)
3,000 4
3/8" 3,000 7
1/2" 3,000 7
5/8" 3,000 18
3/4" 3,000 18
1" 3,000 40
1-1/4" 2,750* 75
1-1/2" 2,500** 100

*Nipple holds max. 2,500 PSI when disconnected
** Nipple holds max. 2,000 PSI when disconnected

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