Electric Power Generation

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Power plants are some of our most sophisticated and demanding customers. The plant itself houses some enormously complex machines with an incalculable number of things that may need replacement parts. We offer a wide array of fittings and hoses to assist with keeping the plant up and running.

Steam turbines and hydro-electric power generators often rely on stainless steel fittings for maximum corrosion resistance.

Power plants tend to build from global engineering sources and pull in British, metric, and Japanese fittings as well as more standard items. We want to support you in all areas and so we have a large inventory of these as well.

We know the plant is secured by several layers of redundancy, such as diesel generators, gas turbine generators and battery buffers. And all of them can be sunk by a bad seal, valve, or hose. We want to be there to help you with our 24/7 website and fast turnaround of most products. Here are some quick links to common parts ordered by our current power plant customers.

Place your order online, call customer service at 800-535-1302, or send an email to support@discounthydraulichose.com if you need additional information.

On your first order with us we would like to offer you a set of our reference wall charts to help in that moment when you need to “figure it out.” Add code CHARTS to your order as a coupon code and your set will be sent to you, a $19.95 value FREE on your first order.