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4HTF4-HT4F4 | Set of 1/2" Quick Disconnects, 1/2" NPTF Threads 4AGF4-AG4F4 | Set of 1/2" Couplers with 1/2" NPTF Threads NT100-04BK | 1/4" OD Nylon Air Brake Tubing, Black
Catalog: $47.82
Online: $44.95
Catalog: $16.31
Online: $15.33 per set
Catalog: $0.48
Online: $0.44
1/2" Skid-Steer Quick Couplers
ISO 16028 Flushface/Skidsteer Interchange
Set includes 1 male and 1 female

Includes one 4AGF4 (female) and one AG4F4 (male)

Max. working pressure: 150 psi @ 75 F

943 1/2" SAE 100R2AT Hydraulic Hose (320 feet) AFC-25
Catalog: $503.78
Online: $473.55
600# WOG Forged Brass Ball Valves Bottom Mounted Pressure Gauges
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Forged Brass Ball Valves
Threaded ports (NPTF)

R2-08-REEL / 4,000 PSI / Reel may not be continuous
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Bottom-Mount Pressure Gauges

15% OFF when you buy 50 or more.
Mix and match any range and style.

Hydraulics Starter Kit How to Identify Fluid Ports and Connectors D165 Compact Electric Hose Crimper
Our Price: $30.00
USPS Shipping (This item ships seperately) $5.00
Catalog: $5.00
Online: $4.70
Catalog: $2,795.00
Online: $2,627.30
How to Identify Fluid Ports and Connectors D165 Compact Hose Crimper
This is a great starter kit for anyone new to hydraulics as well as hydraulic professionals who want all the information in one spot! Includes our 5 Glossy Wall Charts, Thread ID Guide, Set of Paper Catalogs for reference as well as a Digital Caliper!

A guide to measuring and identifying more than 20 common fluid ports and connectors. This guide is lso available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Crimps 2-wire and 4-wire hydraulic hose up to 1-1/4" and 6-wire hose up to 1" ID. Includes 1HP electric pump. Dies sold separately.

1/2" HYDRAULAX TOUGH™ Hydraulic Hose (360 feet) 1/4" HYDRAULAX TOUGH™ Hydraulic Hose Assembly Hydraulic Fittings Wall Charts
Catalog: $941.22
Online: $884.75
Cost per foot: $1.83
Assembly fee: $10.00
Catalog: $19.95
Online: $18.75
Wall Chart Reference Set
HT-08-REEL / 5,000 PSI / Reel may not be continuous HT-04-ASB / 6,525 psi
Click photo to select fittings and length
A set of five 24" x 36" full color wall charts

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