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Assortment Kits Our compact and durable Kits, featuring the most popular sizes, are perfect for both mobile and installation applications. Whether you're looking to sell parts individually or offer an invaluable Kit, we've got you covered. Plus, we provide drawer systems for organized storage solutions, enhancing efficiency and convenience for all your operational needs. UNIFLEX Crimpers UNIFLEX crimpers stand at the pinnacle of quality, offering unmatched flexibility in hose assembly production. With options ranging from portable to bench mounted and electric units, these fully adjustable, greaseless crimpers ensure you can produce any hose configuration required for your specific needs About Us Welcome to, your comprehensive source for hydraulic hoses, fittings, adapters, quick disconnects and more! With over 50 years in the industry, we're dedicated to expanding our selection to meet our customers' needs. Our fast service, reliable products, and positive customer feedback stand as testaments to our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. For items not immediately available, we aim to complete backorders within a week, underscoring our commitment to providing prompt and reliable service. Choose for an experience marked by reliability, swift service, and superior customer support. We're committed to your satisfaction and confident you'll appreciate the value of our products and services.