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Custom Hose Assemblies

Before you place your order, please refer to the graphic below regarding the Overall Length, the Hose Assembly Tolerances and the Orientation Options for your custom-made assembly.
Please Note: Custom Made Assemblies are NON-RETURNABLE . If you have questions, please contact us before placing your order.

To begin please choose the Inside Diameter of the Hose or specialty hose type below to see what options are available.

If you are looking to purchase bulk hose - please click here.

Hose Assembly Tolerances

For hose assembly tolerance either SAE or ISO standard may be referenced and used unless stated otherwise.
Hose Assembly Length Tolerances (SAE)
Assembly Length Tolerances
Milimeters Decimal Inches Fractional Inches
Up through 12" (-304.8 mm) 3.2 mm 0.12" 1/8 in
Over 12" through 18"
(>304.8 mm - 457.2 mm)
4.8 mm 0.19" 3/16 in
Over 18" through 36"
(>457.2 mm - 914.4 mm)
6.4 mm 0.25" 1/4 in
Over 36" (> 914.4 mm) 1% of Overall  Length

Understanding Orientation Options

When you are assembling a hydraulic hose, you have a choice of end fittings that could be straight, 45°, 90° and other combinations.
Use this chart below to provide us the accurate orientation.
Please call our office before ordering if you are unsure of your hose orientation.

Understanding "Swivel" Fittings

When you see the word "Swivel" in a hose fitting description, this means that the end nut will swivel for installation purposes only . This swivel will not rotate once installed. If you need a swivel that will function under pressure, please look into our:
Full-Time Swivel Joints