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Select The 1/8" Inside Diameter Hose Type Below To Begin Configuration.

Each hose has a different pressure rating, bend radius, and other attributes that may make it more or less suitable for your specific application. Use this handy reference to determine what hose may be best for your application

Important Information When Ordering A Custom Made Hose Assembly!!

How To Measure Your Custom Hose Assembly

Check out our new video on how to measure your custom assembly before ordering!

Chart to Measure Hydraulic Hose Assembly

Understanding Orientation Options

Check out our new video on Hose Orientation Options before ordering!

When you are assembling a hydraulic hose, you have a choice of end fittings that could be straight, 45¦deg;, 90¦deg; and other combinations. When you choose two angled fittings, such as a 90¦deg; and a 45¦deg; fitting, we need to know how they should be installed so you can put the hose back on your equipment. Use this chart below to provide us the accurate orientation. Please call our office before ordering if you are unsure of your hose orientation options!

Hose Assembly Orientation Chart

Understanding "Swivel" Fittings
Understanding Swivel Fittings

When you see the word "Swivel" in a hose fitting descritpion, this means that the end nut will swivel for installation purposes only . This swivel will not rotate once the fitting is properly installed in the mating connector. If you need a swivel that will function under pressure, please look into our Full-Time Swivel Joints .

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