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4AGF4-AG4F4 | Set of 1/2" Couplers with 1/2" NPTF Threads Hydraulics Starter Kit How to Identify Fluid Ports and Connectors
Catalog: $16.31
Online: $15.33 per set
Our Price: $30.00
Catalog: $5.00
Online: $4.70
How to Identify Fluid Ports and Connectors

Includes one 4AGF4 (female) and one AG4F4 (male)

This is a great starter kit for anyone new to hydraulics as well as hydraulic professionals who want all the information in one spot! Includes our 5 Glossy Wall Charts, Thread ID Guide, Set of Paper Catalogs for reference as well as a Digital Caliper!

A guide to measuring and identifying more than 20 common fluid ports and connectors. This guide is lso available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

4HTF4-HT4F4 | Set of 1/2" Quick Disconnects, 1/2" NPTF Threads NT100-04BK | 1/4" OD Nylon Air Brake Tubing, Black 943
Catalog: $47.82
Online: $44.95
Catalog: $0.48
Online: $0.44
1/2" Skid-Steer Quick Couplers 600# WOG Forged Brass Ball Valves
ISO 16028 Flushface/Skidsteer Interchange
Set includes 1 male and 1 female

Max. working pressure: 150 psi @ 75 F

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Forged Brass Ball Valves
Threaded ports (NPTF)

1/2" SAE 100R2AT Hydraulic Hose (320 feet) 1/2" HYDRAULAX TOUGH™ Hydraulic Hose (360 feet) Hydraulic Fittings Wall Charts
Catalog: $503.78
Online: $473.55
Catalog: $941.22
Online: $884.75
Catalog: $19.95
Online: $18.75
Wall Chart Reference Set
R2-08-REEL / 4,000 PSI / Reel may not be continuous HT-08-REEL / 5,000 PSI / Reel may not be continuous A set of five 24" x 36" full color wall charts
AFC-25 1/4" HYDRAULAX TOUGH™ Hydraulic Hose Assembly D165 Compact Electric Hose Crimper
Cost per foot: $1.83
Assembly fee: $10.00
Catalog: $2,795.00
Online: $2,627.30
Bottom Mounted Pressure Gauges D165 Compact Hose Crimper
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Bottom-Mount Pressure Gauges

15% OFF when you buy 50 or more.
Mix and match any range and style.

HT-04-ASB / 6,525 psi
Click photo to select fittings and length

Crimps 2-wire and 4-wire hydraulic hose up to 1-1/4" and 6-wire hose up to 1" ID. Includes 1HP electric pump. Dies sold separately.

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