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Product Literature

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Hydraulic Hose
Catalog HH1601
January, 2016

Steel Fittings
Catalog ST1508
August, 2015

Brass Products
Catalog BR1508
August, 2015

Catalog AC1508
August, 2015

British & Metric Fittings
Catalog BM1207
July, 2012

Fitting identification, crimp specifications, and other reference materials

How to Identify
Fluid Ports and Connectors

Crimp Specifications
for Hydraulic Hose and Fittings
Updated June 2018

Quick Disconnect
Identification/Size Chart

Braided Hose Fittings
Cross Reference

Interchanges with:
Weatherhead U Series
Aeroquip FJ Series
Dayco SB Series
Dayco Eastman HY Series
Imperial Eastman HU Series

T-Series Hose Fittings
Cross Reference

Interchanges with
Weatherhead E Series

Cross Reference

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by competitor's part number.
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