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    3105-10 | 5/8" Inverted Flare Tube Nut (Steel)
    Purchase 3105-10 | 5/8" Inverted Flare Tube Nut (Steel)

    PART #: 3105-10
    3105-10 | 5/8" Inverted Flare Tube Nut (Steel)

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    Typical Application:
    Hydraulic Brake, Power Steering, Fuel Lines and Transmission Cooler Lines, LP and Natural Gas
    Working Temperatures Ranges:
    Temperature and type of tubing used are important factors. However, the following table is a good guide for proper selection. Temperature 73°F with copper tubing:
    Excellent Resistance
    emperature Range:
    -65°F to +250°F (-35°C - +121°C) range at maximum operating temperatures.
    Used With:
    Copper, Brass, Aluminum and Steel Hydraulic tubing that can be flared.
    Very low cost and re-useable. Seats and threads are internal and protected. Compact, excellent vibration life. Short nut affords very close tube bends. Steel or Brass tube nut.
    +/- 0.03 on all dimensions.
    Meets specifications and standards of ASA, ASME, SAE and MS (Military Standards).
    Assembly Instructions:
    1. Cut tubing to desired length. Make sure all burrs are removed and the ends are cut square.
    2. Slide nut on tube. Threaded end "A" of nut must face out.
    3. Flare end of tube with a 45° flaring tool.
     a- Measure flare diameter.
     b- Examine flare for excessive thin out.
     c- On thin wall, welded or brazed tubing, use double flare to prevent pinch-off and cracked flares.
    4. Lubricate threads and assemble to fitting body. Nut should be turned hand tight.
    5. Tighten assembly with wrench until a solid feeling is encountered. From that point, apply a one-sixth turn.
    Note: Do not over-torque as it may damage the fitting or split the tubing at the flare.

    PSI TUBE O.D. (in.) Thread O.D. TUBE WALL (in.)
    Threads Per Inch
    650 5/8 7/8-18 .035

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