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Air Brake Fittings (Nylon Tubing)

Recommended for air brake systems except where temperatures exceed +200F or where battery acid can drip on tubing.

  • Meets all specifications and standards of SAE and DOT FMVSS 571.106
  • Fittings come fully assembled with tube sleeve, tube nut, and built-in tub support
  • All parts feature CA360 Brass construction
  • Fair vibration resistance
  • Max. operating pressure: 150 psi
  • Temperature Range: -40F to +200F
Use with NT100 Nylon Air Brake Tubing (SAE J844 Type A and B)

May also be used with Copper Tubing by replacing nut, sleeve, and insert with long nut (31361) and spherical sleeve (31360). Insert should be removed for copper tubing use.

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31460 31460

Air Brake Tube Sleeve

31461 31461

Air Brake Tube Nut

31462 31462

Air Brake Union

31464 31464

Air Brake Union Tee

31465 31465

Air Brake Union 90

31466 31466

Air Brake x Female Pipe

31468 31468

Air Brake x Male Pipe

31469 31469

Air Brake x Male Pipe 90

31469L 31469L

Air Brake x Male Pipe 90 Long Elbow

31470 31470

Air Brake x Female Pipe 90

31471 31471

Air Brake x Male Pipe Run Tee

31472 31472

Air Brake x Male Pipe Branch Tee

31474 31474

Air Brake Bulkhead Union

31480 31480

Air Brake x Male Pipe 45

31482 31482

Air Brake Adapter Tee

31484 31484

Air Brake Tube Insert


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