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Flareless Compression Hydraulic Tube Fittings

Typical applications: hydraulic service, instrumentation and chemical processing. Highly recommended for high pressure and high vibration applications.

  • Connect many varieties of tubing without flaring.
  • Fittings come assembled with tube nuts and ferrules.
  • Fittings and tube nuts are type 316 stainless steel. Tube sleeves are 17-4PH stainless.
  • Flareless compression fittings also available in carbon steel.
  • Use with aluminum, hard or half-hard copper, steel, stainless steel, monel, titanium and heavy wall tubing that cannot be flared.

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SS-27015 SS-27015

Flareless Tube Reducer

SS-27105 SS-27105

Flareless Tube Nut

SS-27165A SS-27165A

Flareless Tube Ferrule

SS-27205 SS-27205

Flareless x NPTF Male Pipe

SS-27208 SS-27208

JIC 37 x Flareless Tube Union

SS-27229 SS-27229

Flareless Tube Plug

SS-27255 SS-27255

Flareless x NPTF Female Pipe

SS-27305 SS-27305

Flareless Tube Union

SS-27306 SS-27306

Flareless Large Hex Tube Union

SS-27315 SS-27315

Flareless x ORB Straight Thread

SS-27325 SS-27325

Flareless Bulkhead Tube Union

SS-27328 SS-27328

Bulkhead JIC 37 x Flareless

SS-27355 SS-27355

Flareless x NPTF Male Pipe 45

SS-27365 SS-27365

Flareless x ORB Straight Thread 45

SS-27405 SS-27405

Flareless x NPTF Male Pipe 90

SS-27505 SS-27505

Flareless Tube Union 90 Elbow

SS-27515 SS-27515

Flareless x ORB Straight Thread 90

SS-27605 SS-27605

Flareless x NPTF Male Pipe Branch Tee

SS-27655 SS-27655

Flareless x NPTF Female Pipe Branch Tee

SS-27705 SS-27705

Flareless Union Tee

SS-27715 SS-27715

Flareless x ORB Branch Tee

SS-27716 SS-27716

Flareless x ORB Run Tee

SS-27755 SS-27755

Flareless x NPTF Male Pipe Run Tee

SS-27805 SS-27805

Flareless x NPTF Female Pipe Run Tee


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