Net Terms Are Here!

Net Terms are HERE!

Want to pay by Invoice / Net Terms instead of Credit Card?   We've got you covered!

We have partnered with Apruve, to handle processing and managing Net 30 term accounts, so we can focus on getting orders out the door, fast!

If you want to get started, click here to sign up!

How will Net Terms with Discount Hydraulic work?

Once you complete the application, we will recieve notice that your terms are approved. We will add that to your login on the website, and when you go to checkout, you'll see a new payment method called "Apruve". When you choose this, the order is placed on the Net Terms account. staff will still pick, pull, pack, and support your order. The only difference is the invoice will come from Apruve, and you'll pay them directly.

If you place the order directly on our website, you will have no order surcharge. If you fax, email, or call in your order, we will have to enforce a 6% order handling fee.

What if we have multiple purchasing agents in our company?

We can assign multiple email addresses / accounts to be able to purchase under your Apruve terms on our website.

What if I already have an Apruve account?

If another vendor already uses Apruve to provide you Net Terms, you will still have to fill out our specific application, but approval should be much quicker since you are already in their system.

What if I have more questions?

No problem - give us a call at 800-535-1302 and we will be glad to help!