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    S2 | Eco Crimp Head Bundle W/ Dies
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    S2 | Eco Crimp Head Bundle W/ Dies

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    S2 | Eco Crimp Head Bundle W/ Dies

    S2 | Eco Crimp Head Bundle W/ Dies


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    This item is the crimper head and dies only. You may add a power unit during checkout, or provide your own power unit.

    Must workshops and mobile service teams do without the power and reliability of large stationary crimpers? UNIFLEX‘s answer is a definite “no“, and our compact, multi-purpose workshop crimpers prove that the advantages of the legendary slide bearing technology can also be used in light-weight, inexpensive equipment that will fit into almost any vehicle and workshop. Numerous drive variants are available.

    Includes: Machine, 14mm, 17mm, 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 32mm, and 40mm dies.


    • Ergonimic: The lightest crimper with the biggest opening in it's class. It's easy to handle and transport.

    • Compact: Makes it's mark in any workshop with its small size and large capability. ideal for on-site service. 

    • Slide Bearing Technology: innovative slide bearing technology means this machine is completely Greaseless.  This prolongs the machines lifetime while keeping maitenance costs low. No grease means no risk of prematurely damaging the crimping head and cuts down the time spent cleaning and maintenancing the machine.

    • Bright Optical Signal: As soon as you've reached the set crimp Spec, the bulb lights up so you know exactly when your perfect crimp is achieved. 

    • Convenient: The S2-M Ecoline Head is over 8lbs lighter and comes with a convenient handle for easy grab-and-go.

    Also Available With: Hand PumpFoot Pump, or Pneumatic Pump

    Notice: If you order this product with one of the available pumps, it will include the hydraulic line, and all the fittings necessary for quick and easy assembly and use. 

    Technical Specifications

    S2-M S2-M-H S2-M-P
    Press Force (Ton/KN) 90 Ton / 900 KN 90 Ton / 900 KN 90 Ton / 900 KN
    No Need for Lubrication: 20% Less Friction
    SAE R 12 / 4SP* 1-piece fitting 1¼" 1¼" 1¼"
    SAE R 15 / 4SH* 2-piece fitting 1" 1" 1"
    Max. Pressing Area (in/mm) 2.48in / 63mm 2.48in / 63mm 2.48in / 63mm
    Opening Stroke (in/mm) 0.87in / 22mm 0.87in / 22mm 0.87in / 22mm
    Opening Without Jaws (in/mm) 3.03in / 77mm 3.03in / 77mm 3.03in / 77mm
    Base Jaw Length (in/mm) 2.95 in / 75mm 2.95 in / 75mm 2.95 in / 75mm
    Jaw Type 263 263 263
    Industry Standard Max 1¼" 1¼" 1¼"
    Max 90° Fitting Size 1" 1" 1"
    Closing Speed (mm/sec) - - 0.9
    Press Speed (mm/sec) - - 0.9
    Opening Speed (mm/sec) - - -
    Drive (kW) Manual Manual Pneumatic
    Oil Capacity (qt/l) 0.79qt / 0.75l 0.79qt / 0.75l 2.11qt / 2l
    Length (in/mm) 19.69in / 500mm 6.69in / 170mm 14.96in / 380mm
    Width (in/mm) 16.54in / 420mm 8.66in / 220mm 14.75in / 400mm
    Height (in/mm) 17.32in / 440mm 12.99in / 330mm 12.20in / 310mm
    weight (lb/kg) 70.55lbs / 32kg 70.55lbs / 32kg 70.55lbs / 32kg

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