Hose Interchange Data

Hose Manufacturer Interchange

Hydraulic Hoses

Manufactured to meet all applicable SAE specifications, Hydraulax hydraulic hoses are an affordable alternative to Parker, Weatherhead, and other brand-name hoses.

Aeroquip Gates Parker Weatherhead Industry Standard DiscountHydraulicHose.com
FC211 G1 421 H104 SAE 100R1 AT R1 One-Wire Hydraulic Hose
FC212 G2 301 H425 SAE 100R2 AT R2 Two-Wire Hydraulic Hose
2583 601 H017 SAE 100R3 R3 General Purpose/Hydraulic Hose
FC318 GMV 881 H039 SAE 100R4 R4 Suction & Return Hose
1503 C5C 201 H069

SAE 100R5

R5 General Purpose/Truck Hose
FC466 H009 SAE 100R6 R6 General Purpose Hose
GH493 G3K 721 H430 SAE 100R12 R12 Four-Wire Hydraulic Hose
FC273 EFG5K 78C H470 SAE 100R13 R13 Six-Wire Hydraulic Hose
GH781 M2T 431 H245 SAE 100R16 R16 Two-Wire Hydraulic Hose
FC639 M3K 451 H145 SAE 100R17 R17 3,000 PSI Hydraulic Hose
GH506 731 H464 DIN 20 023-4SH
EN 856 4SH
4SH Four-Wire Hydraulic Hose
FC579 J2AT JK H421
HJK 10,000 PSI Hydraulic Jack Hose

Thermoplastic Hoses

Cleaner, lighter and more flexible than steel-reinforced hoses, thermoplastic hose is well-suited for forklift, snowplow, and other hydraulic applications.

Aeroquip Gates Parker Synflex Weatherhead Industry Standard DiscountHydraulicHose.com
FC372 C7S 540N 3130 H436 SAE 100R7 R7BK Black Thermoplastic Hose
FC373 C7SNC 518C 3740 H435 SAE 100R7 R7NC Nonconductive Orange Thermoplastic Hose
FC902 C7SDL 540N Twin H436 Twin SAE 100R7 R7TBK Black Thermoplastic Twin Hose
FC901 C7SDLNC 518C Twin H435 Twin SAE 100R7 R7TNC Nonconductive Orange Thermoplastic Twin Hose
FC374 520N 3800 H336 SAE 100R8
(reduced O.D.)
R8BK Black Thermoplastic Hose
FC375 528N 3840 H335 SAE 100R8
(reduced O.D.)
R87NC Nonconductive Orange Thermoplastic Hose

Special Application and Fleet Hoses

Hoses for air brake, fuel lines, mobile refrigeration, and other special applications.

Aeroquip Gates Goodyear Parker Weatherhead Industry Standard DiscountHydraulicHose.com
1503 C5C GR5 201 H069 SAE 100R5
SAE J1402 Type II
R5 General Purpose/Truck Hose
FC629 9003 H338 SAE J1402A 4821 Air Brake Hose
73379-2B H057 SAE 30R7 30R7 Fuel Line Hose
2807 C14 GR14A 919 H243 SAE 100R14 A R14 PTFE Hose
Galaxy 4826 288 SAE J2064 Type C Class II BH Air Conditioning Hose