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Welcome to our Video Library! We have some new videos to help with many of the common questions asked about our Custom Crimp Machines, as well as fittings and couplers, and made-to-order hose assemblies. Let us know your feedback via the contact us form!

Overview of our Custom Crimp Machines

Overview of our Hydraulic Pump Options

Custom Machine D100H Portable Hydraulic Hose Crimper

Custom Machine D100S Portable Hydraulic Hose Crimper

Custom Machine D165 Electric Hose Crimper

Identifying Quick Disconnects

Understanding How To Measure Hose Length for Custom Assemblies

Reading your hose layline

Understanding Braided Versus W-Series Crimp Fittings

Below is the video that started it all years ago....

How To Use Our Hydraulic Hose Crimpers