Part #: R2-04

R2-04 | 1/4" SAE 100R2AT Hydraulic Hose (by the foot)

Pressure Rating: 5,800 psi

$2.16 / per foot
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

Product Description
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1/4" SAE 100R2AT Hydraulic Hose is recommended for hydraulic system service with petroleum and water-base fluids, or general industrial service. Maximum working pressure: 5,800 psi

Interchanges with Aeroquip FC212-06, Gates 6G2, Parker 301-6, and Weatherhead H42506

Use this product with the following hose fittings:

Braided Hose Fittings

Standard crimp
Interchanges with
Weatherhead U Series

W Series Hose Fittings

Bite-to-the-wire peformance

43 Series Hose Fittings

Parker-Compatible 43 Series Fittings

Field-Attachable Hose Fittings

SAE 100R2AT hose only

Working Pressure
Burst Pressure
Bend Radius
1/4"0.59" 5,800 psi 23,200 psi 4"
R2-06 3/8" 0.75" 4,785 psi 19,140 psi 5"
R2-08 1/2" 0.88" 4,000 psi 16,000 psi 7"
R2-10 5/8" 0.98" 3,625 psi 14,500 psi 8"
R2-12 3/4" 1.16" 3,120 psi 12,480 psi 9.5"
R2-16 1" 1.50" 2,395 psi 9,580 psi 12"
R2-20 1-1/4" 1.87" 1,815 psi 7,260 psi 16.5"
R2-24 1-1/2" 2.17" 1,305 psi 5,220 psi 20"
R2-32 2" 2.66" 1,160 psi 4,640 psi 25"

Hose Features
Inner Tube Material Oil-resistant Synthetic Rubber
Reinforcement 2-Wire braid of high tensile steel wire.
Cover Protection Oil and Abrasion-Resistant synthetic rubber
Temperature Rating -40°F to 212°F
Specialty Compatible with Field Reusable Fittings
Product Code Outside Diameter Spiral Guard Nylon Protective Sleeve Fast Wrap Hose Armor Spring Guard Bend Restrictor Fire Jacket
R2-04 0.59 NFSGX16 NPS-076 FST150 HA-2S SG-1S HB20 1610-10
R2-06 0.75 NFSGX16 NPS-076 FST150 HA-3S SG-2S HB60 1910-12
R2-08 0.88 NFSGX20 NPS-106 FST150 HA-4S SG-3S N/A 2510-16
R2-10 0.98 NFSGX20 NPS-106 FST150 HA-5S SG-4S N/A 2510-16
R2-12 1.16 NFSGX25 NPS-122 FST150 HA-6S SG-7S N/A 3210-20
R2-16 1.50 NFSGX32 NPS-154 FST150 HA-9S SG-7S N/A 3810-24
R2-20 1.87 NFSGX40 NPS-209 FST200 HA-8S SG-8S N/A 5110-32
R2-24 2.17 NFSGX40 NPS-260 FST-250 HA-11S SG-10S N/A N/A
R2-32 2.66 NFSGX63 NPS-287 N/A N/A SG-11S N/A N/A
Interchanges with Aeroquip FC212-04, Gates 4G2, Parker 301-4, and Weatherhead H42504