Connect-Under-Pressure Couplers

Connect-Under-Pressure Quick Disconnects

ISO 16028

These no-drip, skid-steer couplers connect by hand under pressure without releasing any fluid into the environment. Available in 1/2" male and 1/2" female, these couplers are fully compatible with our standard ISO 16028 couplers.

Applications: Mobile equipment and attachment tools where exposure to the sun or temperature change causes pressure to develop due to thermal expansion or trapped fluid. Any application where static pressure can get locked into the system.

  • Male coupler will connect under residual pressure up to 3571 psi.
  • Female coupler will connect under residual pressure up to 1595 psi.
  • Mating coupler must be without residual pressure.
  • Steel construction with anti-corrosive plating

Profiles of male nipples help you to identify four popular styles of hydraulic quick disconnect couplers in nominal sizes ranging from 1/4" to 1". Nominal sizes represent intended hose or tube sizes, not the actual diameter of the coupler. For actual dimensions, print this page actual size and compare the profile drawings to your existing equipment.