Crossborder FAQ

CrossBorder FAQ

Why FedEx CrossBorder?

FedEx Cross Border is a service that provides ease of checkout for customers located outside the United States.

Key benefits of utilizing this program include:

  • Localized checkout experience, including language preferences
  • Preferred payment methods
  • Prices shown in local currency
  • Pricing transparency – final total is landed cost

How will this change the checkout experience?

Our goal is to make this a seamless transition for our customers. During checkout, when an address outside of the United States is entered, the system will automatically switch to the CrossBorder Portal. Your order will be completed within FedEx's system, and sent back to DiscountHydraulicHose when approved. You will recieve a confirmation from our store when the order is received and has begun processing.

How soon will my order be received?

Once an order is submitted, it is typically received within 4 hours for processing. The reason for this is that all product classification is input at the beginning of the order process, as well as tax and duty classifications. This results in a quicker shipment processing time.

What if I need to make a change or cancel my order?

If you need to cancel an order, please contact our Customer Service team as quickly as possible at (800) 535-1302, or via email at [email protected] . Every effort will be made to assist, but once shipped, all sales are final. Due to duties and tax classifications, we are also unable to modify an order once it is placed.

What if I need to return a product?

We are unable to accept returns on orders that are shipped internationally. All sales are final.

What if a product is out of stock on my order?

As a company, we strive to always have adequate stock to fulfill all incoming orders. If an item happens to be out of stock, a notification email will be sent with an updated estimated ship date.

All international orders MUST be placed online by the customer. We are unable to accept international phone orders.
Questions? Email our Crossborder team at [email protected]