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    R17-12 | 3/4" SAE 100R17 Hydraulic Hose (by the foot)
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    Purchase R17-12 | 3/4" SAE 100R17 Hydraulic Hose (by the foot)

    SKU: R17-12
    R17-12 | 3/4" SAE 100R17 Hydraulic Hose (by the foot)

    Pressure Rating: 3,000 psi

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    Prop-65-WarningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    3/4" SAE 100R17 Hydraulic Hose is recommended for hydraulic system service with petroleum and water-base fluids, or general industrial service. Maximum working pressure: 3,000 psi

    Interchanges with Aeroquip FC639-12, Gates 12M3K, Parker 451-12, and Weatherhead H14512

    Use this product with the following hose fittings:

    Braided Hose Fittings

    Standard crimp
    Interchanges with
    Weatherhead U Series

    W Series Hose Fittings

    Bite-to-the-wire peformance

    43 Series Hose Fittings

    Parker-Compatible 43 Series Fittings

    Working Pressure
    Burst Pressure
    Bend Radius
    R17-04 1/4" 0.50" 3,000 PSI 12,000 PSI 2"
    R17-06 3/8" 0.66" 3,000 PSI 12,000 PSI 2.5"
    R17-08 1/2" 0.80" 3,000 PSI 12,000 PSI 3.5"
    R17-10 5/8" 1.00" 3,000 PSI 12,000 PSI 4"
    R17-12 3/4" 1.12" 3,000 PSI 12,000 PSI 4.75"
    R17-16 1" 1.48" 3,000 PSI 12,000 PSI 6"

    Hose Features
    Inner Tube Material Oil-resistant Synthetic Rubber
    Reinforcement 1-Wire Braid ( Size 8 and below.)  2-Wire braid of high tensile steel wire. (Size 10 and above.)
    Cover Protection Oil and Abrasion-Resistant synthetic rubber
    Temperature Rating -40°F to 212°F
    Specialty 3000 Psi Constant & Half Bend Radius of SAE100R2
    Product Code Outside Diameter Spiral Guard Nylon Protective Sleeve Fast Wrap Hose Armor Spring Guard Bend Restrictor Fire Jacket
    R17-04 0.50 NFSGX16 NPS-076 FST150 HA-1S SG-1S HB20 1310-08
    R17-06 0.66 NFSGX16 NPS-076 FST150 HA-3S SG-12S HB40 1910-12
    R17-08 0.80 NFSGX16 NPS-106 FST150 HA-4S SG-14S HB80 2210-14
    R17-10 1.00 NFSGX20 NPS-106 FST150 HA-5S SG-4S N/A 2510-16
    R17-12 1.12 NFSGX25 NPS-122 FST150 HA-14S SG-7S N/A 3210-20
    R17-16 1.48 NFSGX32 NPS-154 FST150 HA-9S SG-7S N/A 3810-24

    This hose is 
    suitable for hydraulic fluids on mineral oil and synthetic oil basis (HL, HLP, HLPD, HVLP), oil-water-emulsions (HFAE, HFAS, HFB), water-glycol liquids (HFC), vegetable and mineral oil based lubricants, cooling water, and compressed air. Also generally suitable for biologically degradable hydraulic liquids (HETG, HEPG, HEES) however limited by fluid additives.

    Not suitable for hydraulic fluids on phosphate ester basis (HFD).