R4-16-ASB | 1" SAE 100R4 Suction Hose Assembly
Code: R4-16-ASB

R4-16-ASB | 1" SAE 100R4 Suction Hose Assembly

Not looking for a custom made hose assembly? This product is also sold by the foot.

Pressure Rating: 250 psi

Cost Per Foot:$8.52

Assembly Fee: $10.50

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Hose Fittings

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Attention – it is not recommended to use these angled fittings together. We highly recommend using a Straight Fitting on one end, with an adapter to make the desired installation, and the angled fitting on the other end. This is to make installation of the hose easier.


Please select how these fittings should be orientated to each other

Please select how these fittings should be orientated to each other.

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Overall Length (includes fittings)

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Hose Assembly Length Information

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Installation Fee: $1/foot

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Hose Protection Information

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You are trying to purchase a hose assembly without any fittings...are you just looking for bulk hose? if so, click here to order.


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Product Description
Technical Specifications
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1" SAE 100R4 Suction and Return Hose is recommended for low pressure or vacuum lines in hydraulic system service with petroleum and water-base fluids.

Interchanges with Aeroquip FC318-16, Gates 16G4, Parker 881-16, and Weatherhead H03916

Use this product with the following hose fittings:

Braided Hose Fittings

Standard crimp
Interchanges with
Weatherhead U Series

W Series Hose Fittings

Bite-to-the-wire peformance
Working Pressure
Burst Pressure
Bend Radius
R4-12 3/4" 1.18" 300 psi 25"/hg 1,200 psi 5"
R4-16 1" 1.43" 250 psi 25"/hg 1,000 psi 6"
R4-20 1-1/4" 1.74" 200 psi 25"/hg 800 psi 8"
R4-24 1-1/2" 1.95" 150 psi 25"/hg 600 psi 10"
R4-32 2" 2.42" 100 psi 25"/hg 400 psi 12"

Hose Features
Inner   Tube Material Oil-resistant synthetic rubber
Reinforcement One helical wire between two braids of textile reinforcement
Cover Protection Oil and Abrasion-Resistant synthetic rubber
Temperature Rating -40°F to 212°F
Hose Protection

Product Code Outside Diameter Spiral Guard Nylon Protective Sleeve Fast Wrap Hose Armor Spring Guard Bend Restrictor Fire Jacket
R4-12 1.18 NFSGX25 NPS-122 FST150 HA-6S SG-7S N/A 3210-20
R4-16 1.43 NFSGX32 NPS-154 FST150 HA-9S SG-7S N/A 3810-24
R4-20 1.74 NFSGX40 NPS-175 FST200 HA-8S SG-8S N/A 4510-28
R4-24 1.95 NFSGX40 NPS-209 FST200 HA-10S SG-8S N/A 5110-32
R4-32 2.42 NFSGX50 NPS-260 FST-250 HA-11S SG-11S N/A N/A
Interchanges with Aeroquip FC318-32, Gates 32G4, Parker 881-32, and Weatherhead H03932

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