Snow Plow Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders | 2500 PSI

Magister single-acting snow plow hydraulic cylinders offer a heavy-duty design, capable of withstanding operating pressure up to 2500 PSI and operating in extreme weather conditions. The hydraulic cylinder is used to transform the hydraulic fluid energy into mechanical – output energy of the component. A hydraulic cylinder is a positive displacement motor of reciprocating motion. Hydraulic cylinders are widely used in the mobile and other technological industries. High tensile honed cold drawn tube for durability. High tensile ground & polished hard chrome plated rod.Top quality five component compact seals for added performance. Rod seals composed of high quality U-cup polyurethane with inner O-ring, POM-C wear rings and polyurethane wiper. Bore size available in 1.5”, 2” and up to 16” stroke. Suitable for single acting operations. High quality replacements for Arctic, Meyers, Western, Fisher and Diamond models. 2-year limited warranty. Free shipping within the continental US. Steep discounts available on volume purchases. Custom options available to meet your specifications.